Thursday, 17 March 2011


So it’s Blog O’Clock again! Hope everyone enjoyed last week’s blog and you’re getting use out of the desktop wallpapers we gave you! Gonna start with this weeks freebies! Hopefully you should have noticed our youtube video trailer for THESE LIFELESS PLAINS by now [If not the link is below!] Well we have made an alternative video featuring various shots from the recording process [Some serious and some…not so serious!]

Check it out! - 

It’s been a fairly busy week with regards to our online content! We’ve had a youtube channel sitting dormant for over a year or so and we thought it was about time we started to utilise it! Head over to and check out the three videos we have uploaded. So far we have –

Go and watch these if you have 10 minutes free, let’s get the views up and see if we can make it on to rudetube! We’re gonna be uploading much much more in the future so keep checking back for more updates!

There’s a small local movement gathering some momentum that we thought worth mentioning. You may have heard about “Unknown Sound” [] These guys are offering a great service for local bands to unite together and spread the collective word, not only in the local area…but all over the country! Go over to their FB page and read more about it! But if you’re in a band and want the chance to have your name passed about…get in-touch with the dudes and put your names forward! Over at their blog [] they have done an in-depth review of our track “IF ERROR WERE TRUE” It makes for a great read…with Danny being described as a “bear of a man by all descriptions” being one of the highlights. Look out for an online interview they have recently done with us being uploaded soon!

So today is the deadline we set ourselves for choosing which printing companies to go with for the upcoming merch, hopefully next week we will be able to let you know which companies we thought were best prices / quality etc. More on that when we know more!

For those of you who use SoundCloud, we have uploaded two tracks off THESE LIFELESS PLAINS on there. If you’re a user head over to and leave us some abuse. If there are any other websites you feel we should be using to help spread our music about, please let us know, feedback and suggestions are most welcome and encouraged!

That pretty much has everything covered for this week, so as usual stay sick and see you fuckers tonight at Hammerfest! If you see Danny, Sam and Nath knocking about [Ticket winning!] then make sure you say hey!


The boys from IMEX


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