Friday, 27 May 2011


First and foremost A HUGE MASSIVE THANKS to EVERYONE who came down last Sunday night and went absolutely sick for us. We owe you guys so much; the harder you go…the harder we go!!!

Hope all that came had a sick time and felt the bruises the day after =P There are a few sore necks amongst us guys don’t you worry!!!

To those who don’t know and are wondering what the hell we’re talking about…last night we won our heat of the Metal To The Masses competition to play the New Blood stage of this years Bloodstock festival! So know we are through to the final!!!

We would love to see all of you guys come back for the ride one more time, and hope that anyone who couldn't make it down can make it down this time!!! So far we are in talks to put on mini-buses from The Coast, Liverpool and Winnington! So if you live in those areas and want to come, get in-touch with Sam Walker on Facebook and we’ll add you to the list for your local area! We have some awesome plans for the final and will be WELL worth your trip. Also confirmed for the final are Apollyon, Severenth and Spires, so the competition will be tough! But it’s a credit to our local scene that there is this much talent around!!!

Here is the Facebook even for our campaign. Please check it out and invite as many people as you can get away with =P -

But before that we have lots of exciting things ahead! We are playing Tribal Jam [Fox Inn] in Oswestry this Saturday, 28th May! It’s been a good while since we’ve played there and plan on getting Oswestry up to speed! We’re playing with 4 other bands including Apollyon, The Misty Blue Trio, The Albino Excuse and String The Marionette. So if you’re local to there or can get down, come join us!!!

The E.P is good to go! We will be placing our order for THESE LIFELESS PLAINS in the next week or so, so expect more news on the release date VERY soon! We also have other exciting merch news, but we will save this for next time =P

In other random news, Danny, Sam and Craig [Keith] went to see The Faceless, Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya & Gorod this past Friday at Moho Live in Manchester and hooooly hell what a gig, Veil Of Maya stole the show for us, with Born Of Osiris coming in a close second. But the story of the night is that we ended up heading to Satan’s Hollow and ended up partying with the Born Of Osiris, Gorod & The Faceless guys until the early hours!!! Those guys know how to party and harass local women! Danny’s bank account was £150 lighter after buying shots for them all night! But it was highlight of the year so far for sure!

Once again, apologies for the lack of updates guys, normal service shall now be resumed! Spread the word on Facebook, suggest us to your friends and follow us on twitter!

And any Impaled Existence related Planking wins a prize =P

Until next week, BE SAFE!

The boys from IMEX.



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